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Hello i am 15 years old and this is how i got this disorder: Almost a year ago, I went to a trip with my Dad and my Sister. About 8 days into the trip (That's the longest I have ever been away from home) my dad told me and my sister that we need to move because of my mother wanting more money my dad can offer. I've lived in that house my whole entire life and so at the time it was the most important thing to me going through my parents divorce. Right when he told me, I got severely nauseous and was almost about to throw up. I just ran back into the tent we were sleeping in and forced myself to sleep. When I woke up, it happened. My brain started confusing me to what really happened last night. I seriously believed that whole night was a dream. It never happened and It was just a nightmare or something. I didn't tell myself it was a dream, my brain automatically thought that because it was a comforting thought. I went through that whole day convinced that we were not moving. Until later that night when my sister talked about it and I cried once more. Everyday was like that and then it started inflicting the present. "You aren't really here" "This isn't happening."

That camping trip traumatized me to believe I am not present, and I am not my own body. Its terrifying.

The worst part is, I now have a boyfriend who loves me and i love him but I cant ever feel present with him. He keeps telling me he loves me and wouldn't ever leave me but I just cant believe that. It feels like I miss being with him... even if i am with him at that exact moment holding his hand.

I've been suffering with it for 11 months and desperately need to find a cure
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