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My story, new here, Hi!

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Why is this happening to me?? I am a 39 yr old with a truly loving husband and 2 great kids. My life is pretty good. I am not rich, but happy with what I have. I have made changes to my life, all for the better, new job, better pay, stopped using caffeine , salt and sugar and changed to a more fullfilling religion (buddhism). So, if everything thing is fine, why am I going insane?!? I was treated successfully in the past for depression and panic attacks. Now I am having panic attacks with depersonalization and drealization.
It happens sometimes for no reason, like, maybe I am just watching tv. Suddenly I feel that I am not there, I almost feel "high" but not a good high. I can still talk and respond but it is like I am on "auto pilot", I do not really know what is being said to me, yet I still respond ,although I do not know or remember what I am saying. I feel a terrible overwhelming sense of doom or that I am going to literally "go insane" (like run out into the street screaming and pulling my hair out) I feel I am watching the world, but not there. I start to sweat profusely and want to cry, but I can't because I feel numb and "frozen".
I am going to psychiatrist this Tuesday, in some ways I am afraid he will think I am insane, although logically I know he has probably heard worse, so I am going to be as truthful as possible. I just can't believe this happening to me again.
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Hi alessa,

I don't think there is an answer to your question(Why is this happening to me), but it might have something to do with buddhist meditation. I don't know how you personaly practice your religion, but if you take the meditation enlightenment practice too seriously I think it could be harmfull.
Back off the meditation and see what happens.
I must say that I am not a buddhist and I know nothing of how to reach buddhist enlightenment.
I do think that meditating to much when you already have dp/dr is harmfull though.

Be very very greatfull for your family and job!
dp/dr is a very lonely place and it is a horible thing to suffer when you have no support from family or friends.

I personaly find that holding onto a job is an impossible task with dp/dr.
anyone that can work day in day out at the same job with dp/dr is a hero to me :) .
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