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Hi everybody,

Last summer I went walking with my boyfriend and BOOOM got dp and dr. I was in so much panic, I swear it was the worst experience of my life.
I just switched job and was working my ass off. Also I was diagnosed with a severe life threatening illness 3 years ago (maybe a trauma??). So the most severe symptoms disappeared after a couple of weeks to 2-3 months. Still got some existential questions afterwards and some anxiety (which I never had before). Now I am doing very well but still struggling with 1 big thing.
I feel detached from my by BF since the dr/dp. I was in love and we are living together and now I am feeling nothing. I even get scared when I see him sometimes and feel like my heart is beating. I feel so guilty. Sometimes everything goes well and I have feelings for him for like 1 week. Then I suddenly have anxiety for 2 weeks about him.
Anyone relate and some tips.
It is really stressing me out.
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