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Hi everyone, I am a 16 year old student and I live in Italy. Unfortunately I too, like many of you, got DPDR from weed. But now I'll tell you my story better.

I have always been a sociable girl, full of friends, and with a very quiet life (never had problems with family or anything like that). But unfortunately my excessive curiosity led me to try alcohol and weed several times. Whenever I have tried these substances, I have never experienced any sensation of DPDR, until one night everything changed.

It was 11 July 2021 (yes I know, it was a few weeks ago) and with some friends, I decided to smoke some weed, the effect was the same as always, after the "peak" everything was back as i was before. The next day though, I had a panic attack while sleeping, and from that day on I started having DR 24/7. It was a nightmare. These were my symptoms:

  • constant feeling of being in a dream
  • difficulty in distinguishing reality and dream
  • feeling of being inside a bubble
  • no emotion and feeling
  • strange memory (yesterday seemed to have been years ago)

I started crying, panicking, I felt so far from everything around me. I couldn't recognize my family members, and even their hugs made me feel nothing. I was terrified of being in public and talking to people. So I decided to go to a psychologist, who immediately told me that what I was experiencing was an episode of dissociation and that it was all caused by excessive agitation / anxiety. So I started to calm down.

I searched the internet for several recovery / treatment stories, and found Shaun O'Connor's site, which helped me tremendously to understand what I was going through. I even downloaded his manual (which I still read when I happen to feel down). I decided to take a little vacation, to distract myself, and it helped a lot. I haven't tried exercise, healthy diet, or meditation but I will try them as soon as I get home (yeah I'm still on vacation ).

At the moment I feel I am on the road to recovery, I would say that I am 75% from healing. I can live my days without excessive anxiety or worry, I am no longer afraid of being in public or talking to other people.I still can't feel emotions like I used to, but I think I will get my emotions back a soon as I fully recover. And i also feel a little detached from people , but I feel I can do it. And you can too! I will update you in a few months to let you know how it goes !! Kisses, and good recovery to all <3
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