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Hello to everyone. I am new to this forum. My first anxiety issues began about 4-5 years ago with panic attacks. After 2-3 years with psychotherapy and meditation, I recovered a lot. Last 1-2 years, I have depersonalisation and derealization symptoms.

First, I could recover and I continue my life without issues. However, last 3 days, my symptoms and my mind is so confused. I have intrusive thoughts or delusional thinking (my psychiatrist said that i am not psychotic) about existence, consciousness, logic itself and sometimes I doubt all of them. Although I try to make a debate against them, I can't stop thinking this way. Also, the main symptom that bothers me is that everything simple thing seems unfamiliar to me. It's like I am an alien and I came now to our planet. I try to remember my memories and I clearly remember them, but it's like it doesn't matter. It's really difficult to explain my situation. I don't know if I believe these thoughts or not and this makes me worse.

Another symptoms that I have are: Emotional numbness, no interest for living, no motivation, no sense of self, confusion, difficult to concentrate etc.

It's really the worst period of my life...
Sorry if my English is shit.
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