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My shell - Depersonalization Poem

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I have written a poem which I think describes what I am feeling these days as best as I can. Please let me know what you think.

My shell

As eyes stare at the rain, they lie

A shell they detect, yet is despised

Laughter the eyes hear but nothing is felt

Orbiting the shoulders the Universe collapses

Breathing in death nothing relaxed

Normality instantly stolen and eyes are left alone

The shell stares and feels no more

Memory is a dream

Shell has something inside, it is there


Existing is chore

Something is looking at the shell.


Eyes on the shell

Inside the shell but what?

Look at the shell

Feel no pain, never any pain

Just anguish, fear and death

Death is life

Life is death

My numb shell

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nice poem :D
Hi everyone. I just want to say I take back what I said about "existence is chore." Life is great and is what we make out of it that helps the DPD. I have really started to enjoy my life now. Getting out there and doing stuff really helps with additional rest but not too much. So at the moment I am really trying hard to be more active and look after myself and enjoy life. Life is a wonderful gift from God and I am trying to accept things and enjoy myself more. Its hard but with practice and trusting in Jehovah through prayers, I am getting there.! Get creative people, get out there and enjoy your lives!
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I really love the last line, "My numb shell" as well as "Memory is a dream". I could really feel the emotion. Thanks for sharing that with me, I really enjoyed it.
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