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my poor brain has gone apart

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i am scared all the time, unless i am preoccupied for seconds at a time to react with other people. during the most difficult times of the day i lose myself, and panic sets in, all the techniques i know (breathing exercises, trying to feel more relaxed) are of no use because i have nothing to cling to. if i decide to feel the panic because i am bored with the dizziness, the panic immediately disappears and i am left with more detachment. i am detached all the time, but terribly when i am nervous, and thats when i need to be able to think. i feel as if i dont exist, i am willing myself to stay sane, when everything else inside my head wants me to go crazy, and leave completely. the question i pose is what will happen if i just stop trying to struggle with it anymore, and just let myself go (in a sense), let whatever is working these symptoms to insantiy possible, will i embarass myself, and freak out (panic)? or will it alleviate the symptoms quicker?
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Phishygirl8 ?

I agree with Charger that seeing a doctor and getting an evaluation is the key 1st step, that is if you haven't done that already.

Letting go, well yes. Once you start letting go, things feel even more intense at firtst, but then become a little lighter and less dense, and then soon after you realize you can let go a little more, and then life eventually comes along real harsh and you tighten up again, and then you can't stand the tightness anymore and you have to let go a bit deeper... this process continues on and off for the rest of your life.

Its called liberation. You can start it at any time, or you can stay where you are right now.

You can't go insane because the world is already insane. You're on the path to a deeper sanity than most because you are struggling to understand yourself. Take it easy, and take it slow.

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