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I'm not entirely sure which happened first out of the 2 I'm going to ramble on about, and I probably did have mini moments of DP and DR during panic attacks before this happened, but these were my first major experiences with DP and dr (plus I seriously can't remember any specific episodes after this other than a few I had in school a bit after these)

First I'll talk about my (probably) first encounter/experience with Derealization.

I believe it was a Thursday (i have no clue why I remember that) in either, April or May last year, I was riding home on the bus, and then it just hit me, and I don't even think I was remembering a traumatic or upsetting event, I was just sitting there, and suddenly thing felt all weird, wrong, and I even dreamlike at the time, plus the whole environment felt vacant and abandoned in a way? Then again there were very few people left on the bus at the time, and once I got off I didn't even notice the bus driver. All this continued as I was walking home, and even once I got there, (diffidently didn't help that I couldn't find my parents cuz they were outside, although once I found them it kinda faded away.

Now onto the Depersonalization experience, this one was uh... very strange and vastly different from the DP one.

I have much less of a memory of this one, but I can somewhat remember that I was having a panic attack, and I had just kinda started questioning my identity, and me as my own self, and I was bit by bit tearing myself apart and disconnecting myself from what "I" was. I don't really remember what happened after, I probably didn't just walk away like it never happened, and it probably had a role in me experiencing constant dpdr. (oh and this was after I experienced most of my trauma so I wasn't just doing this randomly, and the trauma definitely assisted in me doing it if that makes any sense)
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