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my new job felt like a dream

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I just went to my new job training today. it's an outdoor job and i honestly felt so surreal that I was sure I was about to pass out. It was like the world was starting to disappear around me. And my thoughts too. I'm just so bummed because I could tell that everyone was having fun and that it was a fun experience but I couldn't feel it because i feel like i'm living my life in a foggy space suit or something. I felt sick and lightheaded and thought i was about to die the whole time and I couldn't take my mind off of it. The advice I always get the most is "just ignore it and go about your day" but... i don't think i'm ever going to be able to ignore it at this rate. That was hours ago and I'm still feeling more sick and out of it than usual from the experience. Im on meds.. I see a therapist... I just don't know what else to do
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Hang in there luluinthefog, it's great you're doing job training. At the moment you might have to accept that you're going to be feeling this way for the time being. The less you struggle with it the better, although I know it's hard. You've sought help and are doing all the right things so give it time. Although there is often a trigger event that causes these problems, usually there is a long build up of stress we weren't necessarily aware of beforehand, so it can take time and degree of retraining/med adjustment etc for things to settle down. You might try reading Paul David's At Last a Life, which could be very helpful for your situation.
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