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my names john and im an alcoholic

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its true,i cant face life anymore without drink,the thought of panic,the feeling of anxiety,the feeling if unreality...

today i cant even see the outside world (does that make sense ?) its all strange and dissconected.....

my inner turmoil is just too much to cope with,i wish it wasnt this way but its the only thing i know
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isnt it stahnge though,my parents go away and im fine,they come back and my mums analysis kicks in...

ive actuaally nearly broken my big toe,so what does the old bag go on about ...yep youve guessed it!

'youre walking funny are you pissed'
'no mum my fuckin foots broken'

and on and on and on.......

she doesnt realise that she is infact (in laymens terms) she is winding me up
she just watches me like a hawk....if i stumble then 'oh i must be pissed' if i drop my front door keys then 'i must be pissed'

i dont grab straight for the bottle so an alcoholic is a bit extreme but i like to escape now and again....all over christmas i didnt touch a drop then we had a party new years day,and for once in years i actually laughed and felt it
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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