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Hi my names Dany, if you couldnt already tell from the title, lol. I've had dpdr for 3 years now and its been terrifying it one of the worst feelings anyone could ever imagine feeling disconnected from yourself, the world just everything. You'll talk to someone and be having a good conversation then the dp kicks in and you start to question the whole of your reality and existance mid convesation....wait? am i alive? am i dead? is anything real? where am i right now? you want to continue the conversation with your friend or whoever like normal but you can't help your mind racing and the thought going through your head and the babd feelings of anxiety going through your body. You feel like a ghost, stuck in purgatory, like someone you're half in reality and half out, sometimes you the thought's/feelings dissapear an you feel normal again for a while but then it just comes back. You never feel like you are connected to humanity you feel like an isolated person on an isolated island feeling so close to everybody yet so far at the same time... everyday you constantly question reality, existance, the past the future, why did this happen why did that happen was it beacuse of this was it because of that maybe this happened because of that. Every day is like a stuggle within your own mind everysecond you feel like a stranger to yourself...

... i hope what i've said may have resonated with any of you'se, but they're just the way i'm feeling maybe others could be different, i thank you very much for your time and i hope you'se all have a nice day :)
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