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My naloxone trial

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I've got six Nyxoid nasal sprays, each containing 1.8 mg naloxone. I used the first of them today, eight minutes ago. To get a smaller dose, I blew my nose right after taking the first dose. Got five more doses left for later.

Why try? In the British Journal of Psychiatry they write.

Nuller et al(2001) found a significant transient beneficial effect of naloxone infusion on symptoms of depersonalisation in 10 of 14 patients studied. This intriguing result suggests a possible role of the endogenous opioid system in the pathogenesis of depersonalisation, and the possibility that anti-opioid drugs may have therapeutic value. To date, this hypothesis has not been explored further in the literature, despite the impressive results from this pilot study.
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As I posted somewhere else, I am currently taking naltrexone and I experience a slight improvement in my derealization symptoms. It was more obvious the first time I tried it and now the effect seems to have faded away a bit, or perhaps it is hard to distinguish it because I have also started taking amisulpride.

I got it from my psychiatrist. I told him about the study and he simply offered to give me a prescription to try it. He told me he was comfortable giving me a prescription for that as it is something he is used to give to people, because he has a lot of patients dealing with alcoholism problems (which is the original purpose of naltrexone).

In the paper, they use a low dose, around 6 mg/d. My prescription was for 50 mg pills, which is the smallest on the market. I cut them down to 6 mg, and the effect was good. Reality was a bit sharper, and I was more aware of the atmosphere of places, which was quite enjoyable. But I was still not in 3D, and I think I was still quite numb emotionally, no noticeable differences socially either. The effect lasted for about 12 hours. I tried increasing the dose to 25 mg. I did not notice further improvement in my symptoms, but I tended to feel a bit shitty emotionally, but I am not sure it is the medicine, perhaps also my random life circumstances. But that lasted for something like 12h too, so it could be related. I felt a bit like life had less purpose, and things were shitty.

Now I am taking 12 mg/d, but as I said I find the effect much more subtle than before.
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You often have a placebo effect that might be close to 20-30% in some. So, many will report benefit of anything they do
How do you know they only had a placebo effect? As far as I know, you need a proper study to rule out the placebo effect, but you also need a proper study if you want to prove it is the placebo effect.

And you say that some have an effect up to 20 - 30% due to placebo. How did you determine it was a placebo effect for specific individuals? Or perhaps you are talking about people who have tried something like homeopathy.
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