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My naloxone trial

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I've got six Nyxoid nasal sprays, each containing 1.8 mg naloxone. I used the first of them today, eight minutes ago. To get a smaller dose, I blew my nose right after taking the first dose. Got five more doses left for later.

Why try? In the British Journal of Psychiatry they write.

Nuller et al(2001) found a significant transient beneficial effect of naloxone infusion on symptoms of depersonalisation in 10 of 14 patients studied. This intriguing result suggests a possible role of the endogenous opioid system in the pathogenesis of depersonalisation, and the possibility that anti-opioid drugs may have therapeutic value. To date, this hypothesis has not been explored further in the literature, despite the impressive results from this pilot study.
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This is really interesting. What were the effects after taking it? I have thought of trying this myself but wouldnt know how to get hold of it. How did you get it in the uk? I will follow this thread am really intrigued to see how it goes
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