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my mother touches me sometimes, but i dont know if it's sexual or not

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sometimes she takes my hand and kisses it, and she insists i sleep in the nude. she tells me things like that she's afraid she's going to die, and i caught her masturbating in the shower. she keeps me locked in the house the whole day and won't let me do anything. sometimes she fondles my feet. her name is tamara babin. she told me not to talk about her to anyone. my vagina hurts the whole day...and she used to leave me unsupervised to use the computer. she's a really scary person and i get a really bad vibe from her and i think she's not my real mother. infact...she admitted. she scares me. she doesn't care what job i have or anything like that. and sometimes she talks about having lovers etc. i think there's something wrong with her.
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