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Hi everyone,
I will do this in chronological order.
the 1st dp experience i remember is at the age of around 10 wich i only maybe experienced acouple of brief episodes up until i smoked pot at the age of 13, although i was a very anxious child, one suspect would be that i suffered a fever at around the age of 8 where id begin feeling the walls in my bedroom where moving away from me as i lay in bed, that subsided quickly and i get that very rarely now, maybe once a year.
after smoking and panacing on pot acouple of times i experienced DR for 6 months, i then vowed off drugs up until 7 months ago where i felt fed up with life and unable to accept being difrent and not being able to do drugs with everyone else in this world.
i did..

speed(average once - twice a week for the 7 month period)
xtc(once about 3 months ago)
DXM(once about 2 months ago) BAD EXPERIENCE simular i had DR for about 10-15 mins as it peaked in my system
cocaine(about 3 times throughout the past 6 months)
ketamine(one line wich made me feel trip as it was comming on although felt great as i was on it along with the speed)

i had never felt better in my life during these 7 months although its been 3 weeks now since i touched speed and in the past 3 days i have had constant DP and manageable DR

the suspected culprits for DR and DP in order are



my previous DR and DP experiences have never been related id either feel DP or DR at times, although atm its both!

as for how i got along with these drugs

here are my neg side effects of all drugs i used:

speed: NONE i loved it
xtc: none it was great although felt too strong for me to like (i still have the jittery jaw on occasion but its only been 3 months)
DXM: strong DR but for a short amount of time unlike my marijuana experience.

cocaine no disociative effects most side effects where physical and i felt in reality still.
ketamine strong vertigo only during the come-on

i feel very indecisive and anxious atm so if theres any typos/mistakes i will haveto fix them up when im feeling better.
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