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My last thing I'm gonna post.

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Hey guys so this is my last thing that I'm going to post on here. I need to take a break from these forums for a while. I just wanted to give you my thoughts on what this is and how we can overcome it. Im almost certain that this is all a product of an over stressed and anxious mind. A defense mechanism. A fight or flight mode that we needed as cavemen but not as much today. If you think about it, it makes complete sense. I know you have all have heard the anology before. When someone is in a burning building or a traumatic event their brain depersonilizes to deal with those feelings of terror. After that event is over the feeling fades. Well with us having no danger around our brain goes "what the fuck there has to be some sort of danger around here somewhere" it then goes into that protective mode. I think the reason we can get stuck with this for so long is that we let it take over our lives. We dwell on the thought "am
I ever going to get better and why the fuck do I still feel this way" I'm gonna be honest with you, stop it. Stop asking that question because you know what, your never gonna get the answer. So why dwell on it? Dwelling on it only makes it worse. So that's what I'm doing, im letting go. I can't be on here everyday looking for the "cure". The cure is no magic pill or vitamins. The "cure" is within us. I've got to let go before I can make any sort of progress. I've made progress in the past and I'll do it again. I thank you all for everything you have done for me and the advice you have given me. It's made me realize that I'm not going crazy and that I can move on with my life. I don't know how long this is going to take or even if I ever will get better. But me sitting here all day on my phone on these forums surely isn't helping. One last thing. I believe in every single one of you. I know that we can all recover. This is not a condition that is meant to last forever it's not even meant to last for five minutes. I just can't dwell on this anymore. Thank you everyone again!
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