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My intro

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Hey I’m Aaron and I started this disgusting thing at 17. I had severe anxiety and out of the blue everything has been unreal since. But there is good news. I was able to fight through 3 and a half years of the navy and now I’m collecting disability and the gi bill. I mainly deal with the very spacey symptoms, dejavu, and forgetting everything I’ve done right after I did it. This can’t be too bad right?
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Congratulations on your service. I made it through a 3 year enlistment in the Army to receive my honorable discharge. I used my GI bill to graduate from a respected technical school.

I was able to work for almost 40 years and receive a retirement, but it wasn't easy and it wasn't fun. I had frequent ocular migraines and spells of deja vu, absence spells, and panic spells.

Then one day, while researching neurological issues on the internet, I found case histories that closely resembled mine in a British Neurological Text. I went to a neurologist and asked for an EEG and

MRI. At that point, I had learned so much about my condition that I basically told the neuro what they would find. And they did. My EEG results indicated I had a history of epileptic seizures.

My spells were focal temporal lobe epileptic seizures. It pissed me off that no one could diagnose me for 38 years while I suffered, but better late than never. I assume you have had an EEG?

Good sailing!
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No, I haven’t. What can an eeg show? What other diagnoses can it reveille?
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