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My greatest fear...

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The endlessness of the physical. The fact that "things" have to expand in some form forever
..take a moment and IMAGINE IT, going on forever and ever, eventually you're going to make your mind put an end to things, but if you've done it long enough, your heart is probably pounding like mine..

This and:
The prospect of an afterlife. Endlessness of yourself or the existence of a "soul."

I find the notion of God to be pretty ridiculous, but a "tier-together" of everything, a sort of "spiritual undercurrent" seems sort of feasible.

I'm terrified of an afterlife that NEVER ends. The thought of having a soul is terrifying. If I have one, I want it to have the ability to die. Which kind of runs again the whole idea of a soul? I can't believe people COMFORT themselves with the idea.

Imagine NEVER BEING ABLE TO DIE. It would be torture. People can't conceive of the horror of it because they see an end to everything. Similar to the idea of God - they have to have a creator because they see creation. And in most cases, they see this creator in the form of a man. Almighty cloudman.

As long as I can remember, I've thought of things this way. I remember when we read whateverthehellthatbookwas with the Fountain of Youth in elementary school we were asked if we would drink from it. All the little kids wanted to find it. I was like... FUCK if this really existed I would NEVER go near another drinking fountain again. I was the only kid in my class who wouldn't even THINK of drinking for eternal earthly existence.

ETERNITY. No matter how happy a person's life is, it still sounds maddening, terrifying, horrible. Everyone is scared of Hell, but eventually, in an eternal and endless state, you'd FEEL the flames of Hell.
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Live life as fully as possible.

Think about this. Once the life that you have fully lived is over, it will be as if it never happened. In fact, it might has well have never happend in the first place. There would be no entity to remember it. After a while, all those that were associated with you will die and all memory or shred of evidence of your existance will simply cease to be.

Live life to the fullest. Bullshit.

Will it to be more than it is. Or die.
Yes. So lets not play pretend. If we take life at face value, then it is all about suffering. Its woefully inadequate at best and horrifically painful at worst. So either we take life as it is, at face value, and admit that it is shit or we aknowledge that it is more than it is.

If you believe that only what you can see, hear, smell, taste, etc is the sum total of life, then lets not fuck around, it sucks. The most that can be acquired are momentary pleasures. We are just not wired for a life of bliss or happiness or satisfaction. Everything fades, distorts, or decays.

I'm simply proposing that there is this sort of decision that has to be made. We either decide to believe that it is what it is and it sucks. Or we decide to believe that its more than it is and theres something better beyond. I'm not advocating a decision, I'm juts bringing attention to the choice. If you disagree then fine, but this is certainly not about simply being depressed for the sake of depression.
Hmm...your views never seem to make much sense to me. On the one hand, you like to harp on like a jumped-up postmodernist about the relativity and subjectivity of all experience, saying how we can't speak for anything outside of our own sensations or beyond our own perceptions; on the other, however, you appear to forever claim that you have discovered the single, universally applicable truth about life: that it's somehow "woefully inadequate at best and horrifically painful at worst". You also seem to think that anyone who is happy in life is somehow deluding themselves.
My views don't make any sense because ranting, venting, anger, sadness, embarassment, often take the form of irrationality when they are expressed. I say alot of things out of anger and confusion. I say alot of things because I am sad and every minute of every day I try to understand who I am, why I am, and what I will be, if anything, after I am dead. I don't profess to have found a universal truth, I profess to have found a deeply personal truth that I don't want to believe in but have found no better answer. People say to be happy just for the hell of it, throw away all your baggage and just enjoy life. I can't enjoy life without a reason why I should enjoy a life that is so confusing, while so many suffer for no reason. If I could turn a switch and have all my bad thoughts go away, I would, but my "switch" is the discovery of a method to this madness. I haven't found it.

I treat my truth as if it is an objective truth, because I want to challenge other peoples opinions and I want them to offer me an answer that makes sense. No ones answers have made any sense. When you're getting laid, out having a good time there are people who are starving to death. Bombs are dropping from the sky and obliterating families. Disease is killing hundreds of thousands of people. The vast majority of the people on this planet live in conditions that most in the west would consider reason enough for suicide. To just die because its not worth it. If you can go about life and be happy while this is occuring then you are either A) Deluding yourself or B) have an answer; a reason or C) simply don't give a sh*t.

I'm not saying you shouldn't be happy. But if you really have a problem with my opinion after taking a look at this world, then I suppose we are living on very different planets.
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Yeah I think you're right to some extent. It doesn't have to be one or the other. The reason why I'm steadfast in my opinion is not that there is suffering, its the extent of the suffering. An extent to which, to me, seems incomprehensible. I don't go through it or experience, but in this age of media where we are increasingly aware of world events, it becomes harder to avoid seeing how bad things can be. This becomes a sort of perfect image of my confusion of the world. It sums it up perfectly. Why? Why does this have to happen? and if this does happen does this mean that my life doesn't mean anything? if it could be ended so quickly, mercilessly, and with no obvious reason or purpose? I can't ignore questions like that, it makes it difficult to be happy. If you were truely examining the state of the world, there would be no room for happiness. The balances are so far tipped in one direction. There has to be SOME way of not paying attention to daily events. Some avoid the news or distance themselves from the implications of what they hear.

I don' think theres anything neccessarily wrong with this, its just that I have a harder time doing in than others.
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