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My GF leaves me because of suspected DP, Help. :(

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Anybody can help me how to recover her to get back to me?

She feels bad that she don't have feelings to me in a sudden, she don't want me to feel suffer so she leaves me and asked for temporary break and be friend. I can't accept the fact. We didn do anything wrong,

before her incident gone worse, she told me before that she will not leaves me unless i betrayed her, i will be her only one and the last one. But then, when she got this suspected dp that she can't really feel

anyone, she told me before that, no matter what happened to her or gone worse, please remember that she will always love me in her heart. :'(

Now she feels like she wanna get out of her weird life, find some peace life and be her self back since she can't find back her self. But why she have to leaves or sacrifice me? Why have to purposely to have

temporary break and be friend at first? i could not accept it at all. I am so down and emo, i can't live without her, tomorrow is our monthsary and yet we seldom chat with each other more.
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This is a very hard situation to be in. All I can suggest is that you try to keep all possible communication with your girlfriend open, and be clear that you are always there to talk if she wants to. Try to keep communicating with her, as long as you arent bothering her. Ultimately she is going to make her decision and you have to live with that. But it sounds like she just wants a break, which seems like there is still a good chance she wants to be with you in the long term.

I do find it confusing when people with DP end a relationship. I would have thought having a close relationship and support would be one of the most important things to have when you are going through DP. My gf LEFT ME because I have DP. Strange world.
Keep communicate with her like chit chatting with a good morning? because i was thought of giving her a completely time and space, not texting her for days or weeks unless she suddenly come and texts me, she said if she want our

relationship still have the chance, do not force her and temporary break for about 3 months. She have family and relatives to support her as she is Christian, she and her families are always support her and get some prayers to make her

feel more peaceful and better, she just want to find back herself at first. But then, what she think of ending relationship is because she really dont have feeling to me and don't want me to feel suffer and hurt, she rather sacrifice the

relationship just because she wants me to live happily. Instead she said before if the feeling keep going round and round, she don know whether she can handle this relationship or not as she is feel so suffering. Because she knows

that she feels not really close to me and she feels that i am hurt because of this. Well, i think should give her some time and break first, but then some people suggest me not to text her until she text me first which means she might miss

me or need me, but then some said keep communication with her but i am worried she will feel i can't let go temporary and focus on other things ( yes right now i can't focus anything :( )

Well, what should i do next? haiz.
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i have bad dr 4 months im leaving my bf do to this shit you know it is hard but i fo not want my life long relationship becom wounded with my dpdr i want him to remind the old me for ever not to see this misreable me and live with i stupid girl that cries every min so let her alone she knows wht she is doing
Irin, so your situation is just as same as my gf situation, you all would want to leaves this relationship is because you dont want your bf to suffered for so long in the relationship? but do you will still miss her or got feeling to her? because my gf

said she can't feel me and she do not have any feeling to me. You are girls so you should know what should i do? leave her alone until she finds me back? or wait for couple of weeks only text her? or keep in touch with her all the time so she

can feel that i am beside her? Give me suggestion please. THANK YOU :'(
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