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My GF leaves me because of suspected DP, Help. :(

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Anybody can help me how to recover her to get back to me?

She feels bad that she don't have feelings to me in a sudden, she don't want me to feel suffer so she leaves me and asked for temporary break and be friend. I can't accept the fact. We didn do anything wrong,

before her incident gone worse, she told me before that she will not leaves me unless i betrayed her, i will be her only one and the last one. But then, when she got this suspected dp that she can't really feel

anyone, she told me before that, no matter what happened to her or gone worse, please remember that she will always love me in her heart. :'(

Now she feels like she wanna get out of her weird life, find some peace life and be her self back since she can't find back her self. But why she have to leaves or sacrifice me? Why have to purposely to have

temporary break and be friend at first? i could not accept it at all. I am so down and emo, i can't live without her, tomorrow is our monthsary and yet we seldom chat with each other more.
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I have to agree. You are very pretty :) It is a shame that you are thinking of leaving your bf. I know you don't want him to suffer with an emotionless partner...but maybe he can help you bring you out of this in time. It would be nice to have a break from everything too just to give your mind a rest from all of your worries. Can you take a vacation with your family for a couple weeks to some nice resort where you can relax? It would be a nice christmas present to yourself.
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