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Well this won't be about DP, it's a bit of a prolouge to it. But it is an interesting story. Oh, and I didn't get DP from this experience, it was the next time I smoked pot.

My first real experience with weed was two summers ago but I didn't get high so I guess it doesn't count.

So about a year and a half ago (two halloweens ago) me and my two buddies heard about this small party coming up (maybe 10 people).

When we got there it was about 8pm. Me and one of my friends went outside to smoke, I brought a joint of my own and the other guy had two to share. I thought it would have been curtious to smoke outside but I could see my other friend smoking inside through the window. So there were two of us sharing 3 joints (pretty crazy for my first time right?).

So I come back inside not really knowing what to expect. Last I remember I was standing before a table talking to my buddies (can't remember at all what about). BOOM! It hits me hard as a car hitting a brick wall. It was so weird, I was experiencing for the first time was it was like in an alternate consciousness. But I liked it. "Matt, Matt! I've never been here before! I've never been here before!". I was waving my arms around feeling the physical dissociation, you know how sometimes when animators show visual effects of drugs by showing a ghost image follow the arms of the character? Well it was like that but tactile. I had a shot of rum (someone was holding the steel bottle up to my mouth so I went along with it)

After the novelty started to wear off I started thinking:"I don't want to be here anymore". I went to sit down on the couch. I couldn't get comforable and decided to stand up again. I was talking to a guy I hadn't met before, "how are you feeling?" he says. "...umm, alright..." "You're feeling alright. But there's a doubt isn't there?" "Yeah". I tried to just roll with things.

The next few events are a bit of a blur, but I do remember hearing somebody at the door (there wasn't) and thought it was the owner's father, so I ran upstairs freaked out.

(More blurs here)

I asked the owner if we could listen to some music now, we went on the computer and I showed them my favorite song, No Quarter 1973 version. It might have been nice though if I could actually hear the speakers, they were right crappy. I really wanted to sleep on the bed by the computer but I knew (or thought) I shouldn't sleep while high.

I looked at my shoes and said to myself, "Brandon, if you dont put your shoes on right now, you're going to lose them". (I had already lost my jacket that night). By this time I had to mental map of the house I was in. I was looking for my jacket a lot that night, I tried to get my sober buddies that were there to look for it but they didn't know what it looked like.

My buddy was drinking and smoking, not a good choice. Eventually he was having a bad trip, being the swell guy that I am, I decided to sit down with him and send him relaxing messages. "You're cool, dude" "You're just high and drunk". He puked on the floor. The owner of the house got into a squabble getting him to clean it himself, he didn't and the owner had to clean it up the next morning.

Then something pretty eventful happened. The owner's father came home. "Holy shit! Everybody out the back door!" So there we were, my buddy was stoned and drunk as fuck. I was high. And we were out in the cold street without jackets.

"Brandon", my fucked up buddy says, "you gotta tell me what time it is, we have to be back to my place by 11" "It's 9:30" (I didn't have a watch but he was too messed up to tell. "Brandon, you gotta tell me I'm warm!" (it was cold, eh?) "Okay man, you're warm, it's not cold at all."

So after 20-30 minutes of sitting out in the cold waiting out the high, the owner of the house comes back outside with our jackets. (Oh, and apparntly the father was drunk and drove home) "Dude! You are my hero!" I tried to zip up my jacket but I couldn't get the two pieces together. I got my other mildly high buddy to try it, but he couldn't do it either. Once I did I was proud of myself.

So me and my other worldly buddy we sitting 20ft away from the outside party just keeping each other calm. "Brandon, you're getting a fucking medal for this once this is over". My sober buddy comes over. "Matt, if this what happens when you get high then why do you do it?" "Dude, he doesn't need this right now"

"Hey where'd Josh go?"

(waiting another 10 mintues)

"It's alright man, you're warm." "What time is it" (random guesstimation) "9:50"

"FREEZE PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!" (adrenaline rush). It was Josh, he had circled the block just to0 say that.

(10 mintues later) "What time is it, Brandon?" "10:05, Matt"

Then one of the most extreme events of the night happend. We heard sirens. I sprinted down the road, my buddy followed me. "Just keep going"

So at this point we were on our way home and I had to get directions from him. "Okay, it's this way" "Are you sure?" "Yeah" (One Mintue later) "No, it's the other way"

I looked at something down the road. I thought it was a burning log in a suspended cage (yeah, actually). As I got closer I realized that it was the reflecetion of a street light in a speed limit sign. I thought that was pretty cool.

"You're warm, man"

So eventually we get back to my buddy's house and I think by this time I was sober. His dad was home and he was still f'd up. I got him to practice what he was going to say to him. "Hi dad" (and the like). I don't remember what he said but it didn't go as planned.

He goes straight to bed. "Dude, sleep on your side". I stayed up on my laptop, I was talking to my other buddies at the party. Turns out the sirens we heard were from an ambulance.

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Jun 17 2011 04:14 AM

I enjoyed reading this.
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