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My Father Is Dying Of Cancer.

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I hope it is okay to talk about this here, I know some people say that some posts are depressing. I do not mean to depress anyone I just wanted to know if others could share their feelings about what I am going through.

My father is dying of cancer and I just found out tonight. I have not seen any of my family for a very long time. My family did not understand my illness and they really did not want much to do with me because they figured I should just be able to just snap out it. There was no understanding at all. I basically lived most of my life trying so hard to please. Now that he is dying I am feeling all kinds of different emotions. I was wondering if anyone has ever been through this? The rest of the family have known for over a week but no one has told me. It was a friend of the family who told me. They have left me out of family gatherings for a long time, now I will also be left out of this. I guess what I am asking is it normal to feel many emotions at a time like this?

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Even though step parents aren't as big as biological parents, I lost my step father one week before I graduated high school from cancer. He was a great guy and I miss him very much.

Just let your father know that you are there for him. When you see him, don't let him make the conversation about you and you're DP, make it about him. How you are gonna be there for him through thick and thin.
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