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My Father Is Dying Of Cancer.

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I hope it is okay to talk about this here, I know some people say that some posts are depressing. I do not mean to depress anyone I just wanted to know if others could share their feelings about what I am going through.

My father is dying of cancer and I just found out tonight. I have not seen any of my family for a very long time. My family did not understand my illness and they really did not want much to do with me because they figured I should just be able to just snap out it. There was no understanding at all. I basically lived most of my life trying so hard to please. Now that he is dying I am feeling all kinds of different emotions. I was wondering if anyone has ever been through this? The rest of the family have known for over a week but no one has told me. It was a friend of the family who told me. They have left me out of family gatherings for a long time, now I will also be left out of this. I guess what I am asking is it normal to feel many emotions at a time like this?

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Im so sorry to here that Gem:(, I have also had a pretty sad week with my best friend just passing away, I'm in this with you, you have to be strong an keep fighting. Hang in there...
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