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My EEG and MRI were totally normal.

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So that's that I guess. I'm simultaneously relieved and disappointed. At least I know I'm not going to drop dead from some brain problem. But it would've been nice to have some tangible, possibly fixable problem. My plan now is to just trudge onward and try to live as best I can.
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It's difficult, I have never got either done but wish I had. I think the issue here is functional, which would cause small structural changes but nothing classed as 'pathology' per se. You could perhaps get the images, I'm unsure if you can measure these things yourself ie structure of insula. But that is probably a bad idea as it probably wouldnt be accurate enough.

The pathophysiology of DP isn't well understood (still?!) so there is just some good guess work at the moment. But I think it is an over active sympathetic nervous system so we need to do mutliple things to calm that. I am trying regular exercise, meditation, cold showers and trying supplements to increase acetylcholine, so choline and b vitamins etc. Keep hope and just try to focus on things that keep you calm or relax you and perhaps with consistency and time that could help your symptoms. Try to stay positive! :)
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