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My Dr thinks I have an inner ear infection!!!!!!!!!!!

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The morning of my son's first birthday party I woke up feeling horrible. I could not explain what was wrong with other then I felt high, and extremly fatiqued. No excitement or emotion, just a weird feeling of emotional numbness. The week to follow nothing had changed but episodes of pressure in the back my neck, and the feeling of intoxication. A few day's later i began to feel dizzy and lightdeaded, and this really started to scare me since I nevers experienced these feelings sobber!!!!! 6 months prior to this I had a hockey fall to the head and had mild concussion, and I though this may be related and went to emergency. They did a CAT and said everything was fine. A week later I was finally able to se my family doctor and he said I have viral ear infection, and that it wil go away on it's own. So it did and it was last of that horrible feeling. Months had passed and Iwas feeling fine, then ocassionally some morning's while driving I would feel high agian, the feeling of I am not really there. I thought maybe it was my diet and that I am not a Morning Person.

Farther's day weekend, me and the boy's went to golf trip @ Niagra falls for a few day's wich was a great time. On the way back driving alone 20 min away from my house(on the highway), I turned my head to change lanes, and all hell broke loose!!! I felt like time had stopped, and I had left my body for wich reality 1/4 sec but it seemed to me alot longer. I can not describe this feeling( and no I did not fall asleep). I had to pull over, and try to get his feeling or sensation away, this attack was much worse then the original ones. It was extremley difficult time driving home.
After a few hours and a good nights sleep I was normal again for a couple months.

Aug 01 weekend coming home from the cottage(driving always trigeers it) it hit be again, and i pulled over I got my wife to drive. This was over two months ago, I have not been the same. Some day's are more bearible then others. During all this I had no idea of this dease, and I had no clue as to what was wrong with me, It was really feaking me out. I went to see another DR and again he said inner ear ear problem, so then went to a specialist who did a dizzy test and they ruled out inner ear. I am going back to my family DR in a couple of day's. What should I ask him to do???????

thanks for any reply
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Well it certainly sounds like DP to me. Did you ever really have an inner ear infection or were the doctors just guessing? I guess you wouldn't know.

From what I've heard on this site CAT scans don't show anything abnormal when you have DP. When you see your family Dr. again you might want to ask him for a referral to a psychiatrist or neurologist. They can give you a PET scan. Might be more helpful. Maybe your family doc could give you a PET scan too, but I doubt it. There's also something called a SPECT, it's like a PET scan, I'm not too sure of the difference.

These may not show anything either... Someone posted a picture of a normal brain and a DP'd brain and some areas were more active in the DP one. So it's worth a shot. I'm still trying to figure out my insurance issues so I can go get a PET scan myself.

Driving always worsens my DP too. Don't fear it though. Try not to think about it. Maybe get into an interesting conversation on road trips so your mind doesn't wander into unreality mode. It's important not to fear it cuz it only makes it worse. Anxiety makes it worse.

You said you thought this may have came about because of your diet. That may be true. Some people here have said vitamin B6 has helped them tremendously. Maybe you are lacking some nutrients?

At any rate, I would see a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist. Maybe a therapist first so you can discuss what you want to do to get better. Cuz maybe you don't want to be on meds which is what a psychiatrist will give you right away. You might want to try other therapies before you try meds. If you decide on meds though Klonopin helps keep a lot of people calm and xanax is good for working fast on panic attacks. I always carry xanax with me on road trips. These two drugs can be addicting though so be careful.

Stay away from recreational drugs and alcohol. These have caused DP in many people.

Sorry so long... I hope I haven't confused you any more in my attempt to help.
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