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My DR gets triggered by coincidences

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I have been experiencing severe anxiety and derealization for about two weeks now. I've only really had two really bad attacks so far, but I still am living in constant anxiety.

My derealization was first very suddenly triggered by an unlikely coincidence. I was in my bed with my laptop, reading some article. I read the word professional, and a second later the TV says something about 'Professional Back massages.' The world kinda shifted a little and the feeling of the world around me being fake started to creep up on me. Shaken, I stayed put and continued reading, trying to shake it off. But then the coincidence happened again and it got really bad. Everything around me felt super clear and blurry, and it all felt like it was just out of reach if I were to go and touch it.

Over the past two weeks these coincidences just keep happening and happening and it makes me feel like everything is made up in my head and I control everything and that nothing exists. I know this isn't true but I just can't feel it isn't true.

I have looked all over and have never found any cases of dr starting from coincidences. Does anyone else get triggered from coincidences, or have a ton of coincidences just start popping up?
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Yup can TOTALLY identify with you KittyCulprit...

Coincidences and also De ja Vu not only used to trigger my anxiety and DP levels but also seemed to occur more often with DP too...

In fact it would lead into alot of existential questioning in my head and make me think I had some kind of special insight into things...Of course being a rigid anxiety fuelled scientifically minded person this literally scared the crap out of me every time it occured (Im psychotic, going crazy, special etc etc)....The result was more fear and fuel for the DP to feed off...

Its all part of the hyper aware state that goes hand in hand with DP...Ya gotta remember every sense and nerve in your body is currently in hyper aware alert mode alerting you of danger so as a result your thinking can also be in hyper exaggerrated alert mode...This is why everybody who goes through DP always says they feel detached...Technically DP is like a 24/7 state of (post accident/trauma) Shock for want of a better term...You will often hear people who have been in car accidents or who have had their life threatened in a serious way that they went into a state of almost feeling like everything went into slow motion or just wasnt happening...This is exactly the type of thing thats happening with DP except for us its constant and more intense and much more frightening...

Over time this type of mental hyper awareness to things like coincidences and de ja vu etc eases off....Its harmless...Disturbing for sure but NOT DANGEROUS...Just like many of the other crazy DP symptoms...Usually DP symptoms are starnge and alien to our normal self which in turn makes them scarey and so disturbing....Fact is EVERY crazy DP symptom we experience is harmless!!!!! We just take them and run with them because of the obsessive types we usually are...
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