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my dp is fading

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Ive seen the light, and it is good. Yesterday was a breakthrough in my dp nightmare. I went to the emergency room the night before because I felt I was going insane. So the pysch came to see me and calmed my fears a bit. I told him everything that I was experiencing, and he told me not to worry, that I didnt have dp. Well, it didnt help much, but at least I had a professional evaluation. So they gave me some lorazepam to knock me out for the night. The next day was great. I went long periods of time without even thinking about dp. It was strange. I felt normal again. My anxiety levels have dramatically decreased, and I no longer obsess over who I am, I just live life. Hopefullly things will continue to look up for me. Hold on everyone, and don't give up the fight. For me, dp thrives on anxiety, so when the anxiety is not present, the dp isnt as well. I think my sleeping more than 5 hours last night also had a big part in this turnaround. DP was at the worst for me in the morning, but yesterday I hardly noticed it. Also, I highly recommend this book:

Calming your anxious mind By Jeffrey Brantley

I start cbt on tuesday. Hopefully this will help as well.

Keep your heads up, things will get better.
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Ive come to understand where my dp has come from, and it has made me stronger. I realize that I am going through an identity crisis. I am at the point in my life where it is time to grow up. I now have to make important life decisions, like college and careers. I know that I am not going crazy, and that these feelings will pass once I figure out what I want in life.
Im feeling a lot better lately. Things are really starting to clear up. I now hardly think about dp anymore, and if I do, I can just make it dissapear. Im not sure I ever had dp to start with, but I think I made myself believe it. I dont know how often I will return to this site, because it just makes me think of dp again. I hope that everyone here can return to reality soon. I know it seems impossible, but I know everyone can do it. Don't give up. Keep fighting. Good luck everyone.
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