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My DP/DR story. Support appreciated!

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I had a small fever. I was sitting in my room. I was perfectly fine and content. My mind had been elsewhere for a few hours; I was playing a computer game.

Suddenly, my entire body went numb, except for an intense burning sensation throughout. I couldn't control my muscles correctly; I couldn't walk. My vision was trippy. Everything shook and warped. I went to the emergency room. They said it was a reaction to the over-the-counter medication I had taken that day - only Sudafed and Robitussin, barely over the recommended dose.

From June 13th 2005 on, I've had the following:

increased sense of movement in my peripheral vision, a 2-dimensional glassy fog between me and the world, difficulty focusing my eyes, after-images, trails, lights and shadows where they should not be, shaking objects, breathing objects, objects appearing to receed into themselves, objects advancing, swirls/movement when my eyes are closed, an experience of spinning or tilting when i'm lying down, involuntary eye opening, a large amount of floaters/static in the sky when i look at it, and a "slowness" of vision - when I look at something and look away, or if I am watching television, the last frame I saw kind of sticks in my vision.

When I am in a dark room, my vision will slowly go completely black, or objects will be covered up by a foggy darkness and disappear.

Most of these symptoms have quieted down slightly, thank god. I still don't feel like myself. I feel like I'm piloting a foreign body, sort of like the movie "Being John Malkovich."

I think my DP/DR is so visual because of the drugs I've taken in my life: LSA (once), Mushrooms (once) and Marijuana (many many times).

When it first hit, I had not done any drugs for 3 months (personal, professional choice) and no hallucinogens for 7 months (personal choice).

The doctors say it's just anxiety. I'm currently getting psychoanalytic therapy and acupuncture. It helps a little, but I still feel stuck in hell.

Has anyone recovered from this? I haven't found a success story. Please link or post one, if you have one, or post any comments or advice you may have.

Thanks and praying for all of your recoveries,
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There is some relation to DP/DR in what you describe, but as LOSTONE said, it whiffs a bit of something else. Get an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible...
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