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My DP/DR has been coming and going but lately it's been getting better.

Some of my other symptoms are freaking me out because I've researched them and they sound more related to serious illnesses, im not sure if my problem is actually more than this defense mechanism

Dissociation (usually when im thinking about it, stressed, or get a panic attack which i havent gotten any panic attacks lately)


Blanking out

Blurry vision

Excessive phosphenes

eye floaters

balance issues (sometimes i feel like im going to fall if im dizzy)

short term memory loss, (I have to think deeply to remember every small thing i did this morning until it comes back to me)

An occasional phantom burning smell in my nose, happens maybe a twice a month (Ive felt this since i was small, researching it said it can be related to epilepsy or a brain tumor)

Sleep paralysis

Waking up in the middle of the night for a few seconds, dozing off into space, and falling asleep

Weird dreams (i have this feeling that i wake up and start shaking but then it feels like a dream but ive felt this for years, thats why i suspect i might have epilepsy, but no doctor ever told me i did)

Muscle twitching

Eye nerves jumping all day

Racing thoughts

Mood swings



im only fucking 18 and my mind feels like it is 80

I do probably have a vitamin B12 deficiency because i am vegan so i started taking vitamins and i feel a bit better, but im not sure if this will all come back to haunt me

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I'm truly terrified that this is more than just DP, I just found out I have a vitamin D deficiency so that gave me hope that I'm gonna be better but then the panic comes straight back because I start thinking that I have something worse than DP and the detachment is worse I think nahbe because I'm taking citalopram now.
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