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just to say, this isn't 'crazy' or unique, in fact i'd say most had/have the symptoms you have, trauma / stress eventually can lead to the blankness you express.

I'd get a talk therapist, see how that goes.

One thing i'd say as you are new to this, at the start you arm yourself with all the coping mechanism (google it) for anxiety/DP, get control of that first, as coping mechanism don't just help in the moment, I found after living this for a while, they become instincts, so you don't need to use them much as you've cut that say bad thought out through mind training. Eg I don't wake up and go "oh no i got DP"... i'm very dislocated when I type here as I have no longer think of me as DP.. yeah I have it but i've learned to lower it.

Next (i'd give it 1 year but that's just me).. medication. For blank mind nothing worked for me but Mirtazapine so far...i've written topics with pages of meds that you can look at.

Good luck, but it will get better, your symptoms i've experienced.

A lot of it is simply related to fight or flight.. like light being brighter, sounds louder, they are turned up for sure, mine came back to normal
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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