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My doctor is so rubbish. Mental health team's made me worse.

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I'm sick of my doctor. She doesn't have a clue what I'm going thru. I'm trying to ignore what she says to me. Mental health team's have abused me. Sick of going thru this. I just feel numb no amount of distraction is helping me. :(
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It is 6 months to see a psychiatrist in my area as well. This is how capitalism works in medicine - If you wish to be a provider of medical or dental services in my state,

you must first receive a permit from the state department of health. The department of health will evaluate any potential impact to the market place (pricing) caused

by your entry. If your entry would provide competition that would lower costs, you don't receive the permit. Care givers who have permits reap excessive profits.

A portion of those profits fund the medical lobby, which ensures that state legislatures maintain current health permit guidelines. They call it "free market economy".

Meanwhile, Cuba offers equivalent medical care for about 10% of what US citizens are required to pay.. Medical professionals typically enter the marketplace

heavily in debt from costs of training and schooling. If they don't dance to the tune, they will have no way of recouping their investment. Which is also why the 1%

that owns everything is so against abortion. Soylent Green is people.
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