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My doctor is so rubbish. Mental health team's made me worse.

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I'm sick of my doctor. She doesn't have a clue what I'm going thru. I'm trying to ignore what she says to me. Mental health team's have abused me. Sick of going thru this. I just feel numb no amount of distraction is helping me. :(
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Your story is all too common....Its disgusting...We are treated as expendable statistics not as human beings...

And its getting worse not better...

People in this country being told they will have to wait 6 months for a mental health appointment :-o

Welcome to the capitalist modern world.....I bet if you had thousands of dollars to spend on treatment you would be getting looked after very very well and very very quickly....Its sickening....
I was in nhs care back in 2007... I hated it... frustrated me how mental health is not taken seriously enough... I always despised the way patients are treated and have always been passionate about it... it affects me deeply how patients are treated like garbage. I went into private care and had a really good rapport with my private therapist. Unfortunately I ended up back in nhs care again.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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