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My name is Lewis Rowlands and I suffered from derealisation and depersonalisation chronically for around seven years. I am embarked on a deep healing program and finally managed to overcome over 30 different debilitating symptoms. I discovered actually that a large proportion of these cases are more physically orientated rather than mentally in fact you have to heal the physical in order to heal the emotional traumas that are sometimes attached.

It did take me a while to recover and it was by far the most difficult experience of my life however from the experience I learnt a hell of a lot about what actually causes the derealisation and depersonalisation. I have managed to categorise many different layers of the disorder through healing them myself.

I now help others do the same however in order to get across the vast amount of information that I have discovered I decided to create this film. I understand that it is quite long but it is the only way for me to thoroughly get across all of my information into one long video including my story, recovery, mineral pattern trends, testimonials of others and the recovery process. I urge you all to please consider watching all of the video maybe in sections so you thoroughly get a good understanding of the process.

Hopefully it will help you all in your knowledge and healing path.

All the best.

I have set up an account on here to share this link with you I try to stay off the Internet for various reasons I will try and check back here but if anyone would like to get in touch my details are in the description on the video.

Lewis rowlands

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Watched the video, looked at the website.

Seems like another Harris Harrington style program- you'll waste a substantial amount of money here on a program that promises a lot but most likely won't work.

No mention of anxiety, trauma or anything of the sort.

The creator just wants to make some quick money from a group of desperate individuals- beware the shills.
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