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hello all.

i found this site about a week ago and have just been browsing over the posts without wanting to post about myself because im scared that in a way i am admitting what i have got and in someway giving up, but i know it is best to talk.

I took magic mushrooms 2 years ago from now and have only experienced the symptoms of both DP and DR for about 1 year.

I know it was because of the mushrooms though because that is the only way that i can compare the way i feel to the way i felt on that very bad trip.

I saw a neurologist last november who said that there was nothing wrong with me. I can do everything like normal but i see things in a much different light. I find it a mission to do things that i would never of worried about before.

I have learnt to cope with it but i am getting fed up with having to cope with it. why should i have to live like this for the rest of my life. I have an appointment with a doctor tomorrow who i am going to ask to refer me to a psychiatrist and then visit a well known DP hospital in london to see if they can help.

Ive read a few posts on here about peopel seeing there arms and legs as intrusive to them, this is my main symptom.

Its as if my arms and legs arent a part of me and when i see other peoples arms and legs they look unreal as if they shouldnt be there.
I cant get my head around it sometimes and feel that i am slipping into a psychosis.

im hoping that talking to a psychiatrist will help me deal with it.

the best way i do deal with it is to keep busy. at the moment i am training with as a plumber and am constantly busy with an evening job aswell. which is good for me.

does anyone else know of ways to deal with seeing arms and legs as intrusive and sensory functions being unreal?



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Hi Rich,

I just wanted to step in with a quick "welcome". :D

I deal with DR only and I have found the only way to stop obsessing with the surreal looks of my body, especially my hands, is to simply look at them as little as possible. If I do start focasing on the "look" of my body, I tell myself repeatedly it is the disorder that is altering my view of myself. Then I shrug it off and keep on moving. Even when I brush my teeth I kind of turn away from the mirror as I find standing there staring at myself wayyy overwhelming. I know it sounds like an idea anyone can come up with, but with this disorder we tend to miss the obvious. :?

So, good luck at the clinic. I believe there are several people here who have been or are now involved with the DP hospital in London.

Take care,
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