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Hey guys
This is a recent attempt to put my feelings into words.
I feel like myself and not myself.
I'm getting recollections of memories from the past whenever I look at something. It sounds like a good response.
Right now I've been taking huberzine A, an acetocholine reuptake inhibitor
About 200 mcg a day. Ive also been doing other things. I've quit certain foods from my diet according to an allergy test, upped my omega 3 and B12 to reduce inflammation.
And I feel...
... I dont know.
I would hate to say I feel like im improving and then be wrong later. I've had that in the past. My sense of introspection, what I crave most, isn't completely back yet.
But there is a definate change.
But with so many things I'm doing right now, it's difficult to say exactly what is causing it. It could be the food removal, though to test that I'd give myself at least 3 months ( that's what it said to do)-
It could be the acetocholine (the first time I took huberzine A was an amazing experience- I seemed to enjoy music for the first time in forever- though it was a short moment- I didnt want to completely start experimenting with huberzine A until I had first quit welbutrin.
Though I was an idiot and decided to quit welbutrin cold turkey because I was impatient.
So It could also be some confusion from the welbutrin withdrawal symptoms, which I THINK are still going on.
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