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Hello People i am a working musician and i have question for you all and especially musician friends out there with DP or anyone that can help me

thank you

Anyway it took me 9 years to admit that i have mental problem Coz the physical symptom were so strong i just think that is a physical thing ,one doctor did mentioned to me that i might have INNER EAR Disorder , menieres disease but i really don't think the detach feeling of me is from inner ear . i went to see a specialist and she gave me muscle relaxant

been feeling much better enjoying the music that i used to enjoy and live normal but after taking it for 1 month it seems that it is not improving to a point where i don't need it and it seems like i need bigger dose of it . will taking anti depression pill better ? coz thats the last thing i want to do really

for the musician friends question

i have been constantly brain fog 24/7 for 9 years straight ,spaced out , anxiety , vision problem , scared of loud sound , but my biggest problem is when i play the piano ( jazz ) i couldn't get into the zone anymore . before i had my first panic attack i am able to get in to the zone and solo like it is really easy but now when ever i concentrate i gets really dizzy ! and spaced out even played a few bum note which usually don't happen to me at all . just wondering if any of you have any solution for it ... i'll be glad to hear anything from anyone


i think my Dp/anxiety are all from my music . coz i wanted to the greatest and by doing a lot of drugs when i was young really screw up my life . just trying to adjust my mind that relax relax and relax .

and finally wish you all well ... and thank you for Reading ....

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I found some coleration between me making my music locked in my apartment for 2 years smoking weed everyday and doing drugs with my DP. So you might not be wrong about it.

Do you still do drugs? Stopping weed completly has tremendously helped me. stopping other drugs too

Drugs like adderal (ADHD medication)might help you to be more sharp and in the zone. But it being a stimulant/amphetamines will create anxiety. But during the high the confidence can overcome the anxiety in a way. This could help for shows or times when you want to be at your best. There is a crash/hangover tho

There is also benzo like Ativan or Xanax , nervous systems depressant. That will make you relax for sure. But I find it brainfoging a bit personally. Some people here says it helps them with their DP but personally meh, it definitly calms the anxiety tho

But both of those drugs are really really addictive and should not be taken regularly at all. Maybe once a week or 2 at most if you ask me

Anti-depressant would be the long term solution tho if you already stopped all drugs, and tried everything like eating healthy,exercise,meditation,good sleep patern etc.
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