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This isn't going to be a regular blog post.

Those of you who know me should know that I'm hugely into music, from Zeppelin to Floyd and From The Stokes to The Beatles. But When I say Music is my life(and I do), I really mean it, I really want it to be my life, my job and career.

In the beginning I remember being a 5-year-old and doing lightning quick air-guitar solos. My parents once bought me a mini-drum set, I was too young to actually remember it but maybe it started me off on a right path.

When I was 13 (I'm 17 now) I started a two-man band with my neighbor, and man, we sucked. I had just started drumming and it took me a year to start lessons. At this time I still had no idea of what music there was out there. I really didn't consider music to be a huge part of my life. The only music I had owned was an Aaron Carter CD my parents had gotten me (at this point I might find it embarrassing to talk about it). I remember going to a bowling ally and they were taking requests for music to play over the loud-speaker, I asked for the Back Street Boys.

Since then my musical taste has taken a dramatic turn.

By this point I had been taking drum lessons for probably a year or two. One day I heard of a "Drum Camp", a summer program that taught teens about drums and took them on field trips to a stick factory and the Sabian Cymbal plant (it's only an hour drive from my house). So I thought it might be pretty cool and went on one of those field trips. There were two vans driving the kids up. In my van the driver was playing a Zeppelin CD (which, if I remember, was the first album). I asked "Hey, is that Led Zeppelin?", it was. Since then I was thinking about getting into classic rock. Before that day I imagined the names "Led Zeppelin" and "Pink Floyd" as bands that would play Medieval music and use Lutes. I was wrong (but if anyone knows of any bands like that give me a post and tell me about them).

I remember being at my neighbors place and looking up Zeppelin songs, in particular "Stairway to Heaven". At the time I didn't much care for it, but I hadn't finished my musical revolution yet. Eventually I started to listen to more and more songs and eventually started liking it. I would tune our car radio to our local rock station. I was developing my taste in music.

I was talking to some guy at school, he was looking for a drummer(my neighbor and I had stopped a while ago). I told him I would love to join. And I did. We started jamming in my garage. We were doing a bunch of covers, I remember "Saints of Los Angles" by the Motley Crue in particular. At the time it was me and two guitarists, but eventually we started changing the line-up: One guy joined, one guy got kicked out, another guy joined and another guy joined. This was the first incarnation of Five Day Summit. We used to jam every weekend in my basement. And eventually recorded that song in the link above. You could define us as an Alternative Metal.

Eventually the line up changed again as we changed our bassist and dropped out keyboardist for another guitarist. The band as a whole was turning heavier-metal-er.

But I as an individual was getting turned onto my second musical love, Pink Floyd. I always saw the cover for The Dark Side of the Moon, but never really knew what it meant. I decided to listen to it (the entire album from start to finish that is) was my first taste of my new musical world, I sat there with my HD head phones and laid down with my eyes closed on my bed. The album was an hour long journey. I won't get into details here because you need to experience it for yourself, but once it was over I looked out my window... the sky was blue on top and turning red as it neared the horizon, birds were flying... and what did I see behind those birds? The Dark Side of the Moon.

Since then I've done that musical meditation practice maybe half-a-dozen times, it's quite a fun thing to do, I suggest anything by Pink Floyd in the 70s or The Division Bell. Oh and if you know any albums you'd like me to check out that are possibly similar to these ones I've mentioned then please show me!

Thanks for reading,

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Rock Rose
Dec 14 2010 11:24 PM

you should try out Dream Theater, Tool (and A Perfect Circle), old Aerosmith, and if you want to do into harder-core music there's From Autumn to Ashes.

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Dec 16 2010 07:21 PM

It's awesome you find such passion for music; its as if music presents a more graspable and comfortable , perhaps even more gratifying reality

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Dec 23 2010 04:04 AM

If you really dig the Beatles, you just may enjoy Elliott Smith. Very melodic pop. Nobody else like him. He's like a one man Beatle. This is coming from a fellow Strokes fan!
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