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Thought I would start a separate thread for this one. I have tried many many supplements over the years. Lions Mane mushroom, which I started 3 weeks ago seems to be making the most difference. I had 2 teaspoons in my coffee a week ago, but felt 'nauseas and lightheaded'... not taking into account I wolfed down my breakfast and cycled 3 miles quickly as I was late.. At that time I had a small but significant shift in DR symptoms. More depth, more colour, more embodied.

Today I did this again, and wow. Feel less DR again, but without the nausea (was probably exercise related). FYI there is a kappa agonist called Erinacine E that is released from the broken down polysaccharides.. I take wood grown, double extracted (water and alcohol), 30% polysaccharide powder in my coffee. A teaspoon is approx 3g, so I will now take 2 as all the studies used 5g. Also, Lions Mane interestingly is a FOOD so seemingly lower risk than herbs etc

One symptom of it 'working' is itchy skin, which is attributed to the increase in Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) growing new nerves. I think there may be more at play though. Kappa agonists are extremely effective at STOPPING itching. So, I believe it may in fact be a sign that the Kappa opioid receptors are downregulating, altering our 'itch threshold'. Just a theory, very out there, but who knows. All I know is it helps, and continues to help (as does CBD oil which I also take- but the effect has plateaued).

Also, wanted to discuss MICRODOSING magic mushrooms. Taking 0.2g every 4 days is meant to help lift depression, ptsd etc. Big doses have also been shown to transform these conditions, but in my state seems like a big risk, and microdosing anecdotally brings immediate relief. Psilocybin increases connections, in the brain and neurogenesis. People curing stammers, depression, ptsd, anxiety in one trip is not unheard of.. after some months microdosing I may try this. I am in the uk however, and it is a class A drug... so I am pretty scared about that. The 'snoopers charter' means all internet history is recorded in the uk. Finding access to some is going to proove very difficult as I have more or less given up on socialising as I am so dysfunctional. Thoughts, feelings, anyone in uk?
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