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Someone wrote recently that they used to be able to "multi-task" and now they can't even concentrate at all. My friends, oh, my friend, trust me. ALL of you are MultiTasking every minute. read on.

(taken to a new level of High Art form, lol - and this is written based on memories of personal experience)

? I start thinking about some place I?m supposed to go later and worry that I won?t be able to do it;

? I begin to question how I can KNOW I should go or if I am too bad off to go;

? I am watching my bodily responses to see if death or insanity is likely to occur in the next three minutes;

? I am listening to every silent thought in my head to assess it for possible ?insanity content? and evaluate the Oddness Quotient of both the actual thought and whether or not it seems related to external circumstances of reality;

? I am trying to frantically recall what I was thinking several minutes ago before my train of thought seemed to shift;

? I am trying to figure out WHY my train of thought seemed to shift;

? I am afraid when I realize I cannot totally recall what I was just thinking so I try to redouble my efforts to observe my own thoughts while I have them so next time I can remember them better;

? I am looking at different parts of my body to see if I feel more or less grounded when I am aware of them;

? I am suddenly trying to remember what I did this morning and frightened because not only can I not remember, but I also don?t know logically know why I suddenly felt like I HAD to remember;

? Scaring myself, I now try to think back to the onset of all these symptoms years ago and once more, try to recall how I used to think and feel and then compare those memories to what seems to be happening now;

? I am assessing whether or not my perceptions seem worse or better than yesterday ? is my sight more sensitive? Do things sound louder or more odd than they did before?;

? I try to remember again when all this started for me and compare how my perceptions felt then versus now;

? I try to tell myself that I am okay and that I am not losing my mind;

? I realize that what I am suffering from is DIFFERENT from what people on that DP Board have, and that I am only kidding myself to believe this is just anxiety;

? I log onto the DP Board and start re-reading some posts that seemed similar to how I feel so I can decide more carefully if in fact there is any resemblance;

? I notice how odd my vision seems now that I?m back on the computer and consider looking up websites about eye injuries and onset of blindness;

? I think about some place I?m supposed to go later tonight and try to imagine how I will feel there;

? I have trouble visualizing the future event and decide that not only is my memory worse, but my ability to imagine ahead is also getting weaker;

? I suddenly cannot tell if I am REMEMBERING something or thinking ahead about it and realize this is very likely the beginning of total insanity.

? I decide I cannot possibly go out later and then consider going back to bed;

? I start to think maybe I should go anyway;

? I realize I?ve been on the computer for five minutes and don?t even remember what I did in those five minutes;

? I also realize I don?t even remember what I was THINKING for the past five minutes;

? I decide I should make myself go out and that staying inside is bad for me;

? I decide I can?t possibly go out because I?m losing my mind;

? I feel abject terror when I realize I can?t even make a simple decision;

? I write a post asking about why I can?t concentrate and sit there and wait for an Answer.

This is your brain. This is your brain on SELF-OBSESSIONS
Sound familiar?


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--I feel abject terror when I realize I can?t even make a simple decision--

This is funny (well not really FUNNY) because this is exactly what I'm going through right now. It is a friend's birthday tonight, and there are a bunch of people who i know who are going to be downtown, and I kind of want to go (mostly because I am interestd in the birthday boy) but I don't really want to, and it is driving me insane. I feel like I want to start crying I'm so frustrated and scared that I can't even make this stupid ass decision. Part of this is my OCD, but part is also the fact that when I was there last night, I got very dr'd/dp'd, plus I usually end up sitting, not too enjoined in the conversations, becasue im too busy having conversations in my head with these same people. Creating my own reality, i guess, because the present one is not one i'm good at engaging with? Who knows.

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i think i've 99% of those self-obsessions. But i don't think watching myself obsess over these obessions is good either. I'm gonna try to forget about this. :p

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LOL :lol: i love the brain! Multi- tasking at its finest! i like the fact that also on top of all that quite often i am still holding a conversation with mum or grooming a dog or driving my car!

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Very funny, but I think you missed the point somehow. Of course the brain does a lot of thinking, but you can only be conscious about a few things at a time. Also, the speed and comfort with which you can shift things into and out of focus plays a role. I found it very difficult to "juggle" with my consciousness when at work, and maybe that is what people are referring to?

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i didnt say i did it with ease! but i am aware of the thoughts going on in my head whilst doing other things. My mum now also realizes when i have dissapeared into my own thoughts whilst in a conversation and just stops talking and waits for me to come back or will get my attention again.I also sometimes end up not being able to speak when theres lots going on in my head. i also end up when working jumping ten feet in the air when any of my co-workers enter cause iv been stuck in my thoughts. But if i did missunderstand the post i apologize i still got a laugh from it so hope counts for something!!

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Tiger, you didn't miss the point. It IS funny (in a hideous sort of way, lol)

My original point was only that often we say "oh, my brain is not functioning anymore...I'm losing my ability to think! I used to be able to do several things at once and I can't anymore! I'm getting senile, or losing the ability to concentrate at all!"

My point is that your brain is functioning at TOP capacity - its performance is extraordinary! It's just too busy with the inner obsessive CRAP to have a free moment to attend to anything ELSE!!!!
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