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Moving To Fast.

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Told my T today that I feel like I can't be adult in the session. I feel very adolestant. I couldn't quite get to what I was thinking or feeling exactly. My T said that I am moving to fast and need to take a step back. I didn't realise really that it was effecting me until we talked about it. I wanted to numb out a few times but its as though I am to aware to do that at the moment. I feel caught between wanting to go back into my little world, and being here in the present. ITs a very strange situation for me right now. All very new. Part of me is afraid that I will have to stay present for ever now, and part of me is afraid that I will numb out again. Geez what have I started!
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yeah. that's exactly what my therapist was telling me today, over and over: go slow.
go slow? what does this mean, exactly?
i tell stories and i blank out in the middle of them. my mind shuts down after 'once upon a time.' sometimes i even screw up easy words or grammar, like i have broca's aphasia or something.
he wants me to go slow. yet sometimes i feel like i've come to a screeching halt.
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