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I wanna recommend you some movies that helped me like miracles

First of all there's a tv show "Friends" I can even say it may CURE CANCER
Highly recommended

- "Lord of the Rings". God bless Master Tolkien and Peter Jackson! This movie and book saved my life
- "It's a Wonderful Life". Are you hopeless do you feel suicidal? Just watch this movie
- "Shawshank Redemption"
- "Forrest gump"
- "The Lion King"

You'll thank me after watching these movies, they are my best medicines

There are some movies about mental illnesses :
- Numb 2007 (it is about a guy with Depersonalization that wants to cure himself, if you're so sensitive and negative please don't watch this )
- A Beautiful Mind
- Fight Club

I just wanted to introduce some movies that helped me so much I thought it is unfair if I don't share it with you.
Wish you the best
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