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I understand that most of these feelings may feel as if they'll never go away or you may even feel doomed but there are many recovery stories out there! Have faith and do things that you enjoy or even used to enjoy. Try not to isolate yourself even though that may be hard and try to do it in person not text or voice real face to face talk. Go against the things that make you feel uncomfortable it will be hard but you have to cope with that feeling and try to go against. Stay positive even if it feels impossible and don't read into the condition cause it can make only things worse. Trust me iv'e been through them all. Exercise and eat Healthy!! I can't tell you how much this helps. A healthy physical body leads to a healthy mind. As well i hear meditation really does help, it's hard to get into but something you should absolutely try. Don't doubt yourself push through!! Put yourself in a mindset where things will get better. And remember this is only temporary so don't give up!!!
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