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Do you feel particularly bad in the mornings? I do. I never used to, I'd wake up every morning refreshed and just happy to be alive. When I got dp, mornings were the most depressing part of my day. I'd wake up dreading the fact that I had another day of struggle and I knew what was ahead of me. But never did I stop to think that maybe it was my sleep that made me feel so bad.

I slept in a basement for most of my life at home, then when I moved I was on the 7th floor where I couldn't hide from the sun. So I did an experiment. I covered my windows wit black blankets, unplugged my alarm clock and covered any light that seeped into my bedroom. The result? I woke up feeling BETTER.

I think that people with dp often dismiss such small things that could make a difference in how they feel. I did. But I know better now, and a good hearty sleep is something you should all try to achieve. Just try it.
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