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More on mental illness and nutrition

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Someone posted, judged by the moderator to be spam, about a book on nutritional treatment for mental illness by Natasha Campbell-McBride. I would like to say some words in support of that. I did an Internet search on the book and looked at a description of it, and while the description doesn?t get very specific, the book looks good to me. One web page I found that referenced the book was by the author of the SCD Diet (Specific Carbohydrate Diet), who said that Ms. Campbell-McBride uses that diet in her professional practice. So I would assume that her dietary recommendations are similar to those of the SCD. I?m somewhat familiar with the SCD and think it?s a good one. It is aimed at people with severe digestive disorders, but there is also a chapter, entitled ?The Brain Connection?, on the relationship between diet and ?serious neurological disorders? such as schizophrenia and autism. (Info about the diet is available on a website, so you don?t need to buy the book to learn about it unless you want the complete theory behind it.) The SCD is about the role of specific carbs in digestive disease and some mental illness. Gluten is apparently the biggest offender in this regard but the diet eliminates most starches, most sugars (except for honey, and fruit is allowed), and some dairy.

I'm editing this. I had written a lot more about diet in this post and had it up, but I want to be careful about talking about something I may not know enough about to do so. So I'll either revise it and put it back up later or let it go with this.
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sorry but i will not take the advice of following the effing food pyramid which was created and is pushed by the meat and dairy industry(even the new retarded variation which is still pushing their agenda). and i would be highly suspect of a book giving nutritional advice on something specific like mental disorders with disregard for the entire body. thats why all these people on the high protien diets(another scam of the meat and dairy industry) are clogging the hell out of their arteries and comitting murder to their internal organs trying to look 'cut' (which happens because of ketosis).

if you want protein and big muscles make like popeye and eat your spinach. it has more protein then steak and nobody gets killed. the cow, or you (from cancer, heart failure, mad cow disease etc).

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