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I experience this. When my DP is bad, I become so hopeless and disconnected that I can't imagine how I have dealt this long or how I will continue to. When it's more manageable, I feel hopeful and like, oh if it gets bad again, I'll have perspective. But I don't. My outward likes, hobbies, desires, personality don't change (I do get sadder or more irritable), I don't have memory lapses, and I've been in therapy for two years for DPDR without anyone mentioning DID. So if you have DID, I probably do, too, though from what I can gather from the DSM and the many professionals who have treated me, I don't.

DPDR is on the dissociative spectrum, so there will be some overlap, but I don't think I have two distinct personalities. I just really really really hate DP.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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