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I feel the same too. I have very good days, when I am almost 100% in real life again. And I have really bad days as well, when I am totally DP'd . For me, DP is the leading symptom now. When I first had anxiety in my life, I had only DR and in a mild form. Than second time my anxiety was worse and had a terrible panic attack, which caused severe DR and DP. Now, it is the third time I have this, I have (had, because I feel much better) mostly DP, but severe DP. My DP is based purely on axiety. That means, when I have bad days, my anxiety rises- my DP rises - I will panick because of it - more DP - more panic etc. On those days I am really depressed and thinking about the meaning of life, or how long my life will be like this?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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