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I read it all. Note the Date: (Sat May 07, 2005 10:08 am)

Hey Monkeydust, are you still with us? You Still Alive? :D how are you feeling now? still worried? ;)

OK I found this post really good for me, because I am going through this exact same thing, just I believe my symptoms are MUCH more scary than yours lol :( and I pray in 3 months time I can joke about this like monkey may be able to do now.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago my left pupil was smaller than my right, so I went to the doctors and he said it seems fine, I was and still am convinced I have something wrong with my Brain, and I am glad you guys, from what I have read, know how scary this is, it has taken me a while to get the referral to the neurologist and I am probably going to have to wait some weeks, and feel I cant get on with my life until I know what the problem is, 3 doctors have said I am not showing enough signs of neurological trauma to be sent to the neurologist, the last one said, if it was something bad, why just in the mornings? why not the pupil difference all of the time? but he referred me anyway, yesterday I was feeling so much better, more positive etc, I was at my friends and actually had a beer, which I have been avoiding for a while, then I phoned my Mom and said "look, you and the doctors, reckon there is nothing wrong with me right? and that it is all Anxiety/Stress based!?" "Yes" "FINE then, I can have some drinks and play some footy with my mates right? if i am physically fine!?" "urm yes, go ahead, enjoy yourself" I figured she said this because she new I was not gonna be around for much longer really, and I may as well enjoy myself now. but anyway, I did, and I ended up staying most of the evening, and having several beers, and to be very honest a superb time, and still having superb co-ordination with my football skills I felt so much better because I thought, well I guess if I DID have double vision or something I would find this really hard, but I did not, I found my football skills were as bang on as ever, so, I went to bed, drunk, and very happy!

BUT this morning my world has crashed down around me as my pupils are out of sync again, my left is smaller than my right, not by a huge amount, but it is noticeable, specially when it is darker, and this time, it seems set in, I just looked in the mirror right now, and I admit the difference is small, but even my mom said she could see it this morning, and she cant see well, so its there for sure, and it seems set in. So I would like everybody, especially Monkeydust and anybody else who posted in that thread! to appreciate how much this has ruined my day so much more than the hangover I have, I hope everybody appreciates how scared I am, and how much I wish I could just go to the neurologist RIGHT NOW and get this over and done with and fine out what nasty Brain problem I probably have.

I am really pissed off and scared now, and I am back to not wanting to have Band practice and do anything else because I figure whats the point? I am probably not going to live much longer.

I just know it, I am gonna be the "rare case" I see so many stories on here of "I am gonna die of a Brain problem!" and nobody seems to, I just fkn know I am gonna be the rare case, I just damn well know it, it really is my luck, I have a headache on the left side of my head as well now, and my left ear is sore, I am really so pissed off, tired, hungover, and REALLY PISSED OFF.

* Unequal Pupils
* Slight Dizziness (sometimes, mild, just kind of weird)
* Headache on the left side of my head
* Pressure in my head like my Brain is inflated too big for my head.
* discomfort in my left ear
* and slightly blurry vision in my left eye (which I admit has been checked out by an optometrist and he said I am slightly near sighted in my left eye, and when he put a certain lens over my left eye, I could see really clear again, so that said it was an eye problem not a Brian problem, OK, BUT WHY lose vision in my left eye in the first place? I don't remember having slightly less good eye sight in my left eye before a few weeks ago!

now tell me with these symptoms I should not be worrying!

Common Monkeydust your with me on this one right?

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I'm fine now, that symptom went away thankfully, although I was convinced that I'd be stuck with it for at least a very long time.

I still have no idea what it was, it certainly wasn't ocular, and the NHS neurologist appointment got lost in the pipeline, but, since it's fine now, I'm almost tempted to believe Janine when she said it was anxiety-based. Almost lol.

I wouldn't worry especially about those kind of symptoms. Unequal pupils isn't a sign of anything, brain "pressure" is usually only a feeling in the muscles around the skull and meangingless, dizziness doesn't necessarily mean anything, etc. Get it checked out, but don't worry too much over it.

I guarantee you are going to live quite a while longer yet lol. In fact, if you don't, come on here and I'll write you a check for ?100,000.

I'm sure it'll be fine in the end. Even I was fine in the end, so it must be.

All the best,
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