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Ok, guys i need some advices and answers if possible.. :p... So, several last days I've been thinking about depersonalization it self, as a symptom.. I know it is described as part of some anxiety or depression disorder and it is said that it is usually trigered by high amount of anxiety we are experiencing.
All those statemens does make sense but I've noticed something else. It is completely subjective point of wiew and I am just curious if some of you might agree with me.
It seems to me that depersonalization could be some kind of memory loss. I am not sure how to fully describe it, but there is a question I ask myself everyday and Im sure some of you are doing it too. Everyday, at least once I ask nyself how it was before.. It is like I forgot all about how it was before DP. Im not talking about memory loss when you cant recognise your family members, faces etc... Idk, this is somekind of an emocional memory loss if that makes any sense to you.. I found out too that going back to things i used to do and loved makes me feel much better, and everytime i do that its like i found another piece of puzzle... Tbh, still cant see the whole picture, but I am becoming more and more convinced it is all about rediscovering yourself.
Thre is another thing I wanted to talk about..
I have those parts of a day when I feel totaly DP free.. Just wanted to know if there is anyo e else here who felt like that and eventually got rid of this shit? I am also recognising a lot of stressors and am trying to deal with them. That also helps me, but that should help any person to get their life together....
Anyways, my fingers hurt so i wont type anymore xD... Hope to get some answers.. Stay strong and I love you all, we will defeat this shit 10000000% sure <3
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