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Mom and the iPod...and a little lesson

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I was at mom's house last night, for mother's day (of course). And I had my iPod with me, and eventually I pulled it out and started listening to it. For some reason I was going to have my mom listen to some electronic song on there that I thought was beautiful. If she didnt' like it I would somehow HAVE to convince her.

Then I was like "nah". I somewhat realized that mom is mom and she likes songs from the sixties and some from the seventies and that's it, really. I used to try to get her to listen to some of my music. But she's just not into that. It's not her thing.

So instead of being the one to break her out of her mold and introduce her to cool new music, i put the iPod away.

I guess it was interesting to just accept her that way...
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hmmm...just downloaded it from i-tunes and i'm going to have to go with your mom on this's a little too poppy for me, i guess.
i'm a big fan of deep house...i also like trip-hop like massive attack and tricky. i absolutely love chillout music like zero z and thievery corporation. have you listened to any of those groups, person?
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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