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"I do not condone the use of illegal or legal substances that were not perscribed, this is very stupid"

This logic in itself is very stupid, it's very easy to study and understand pharmacology while researching risks/benefits from medical journals and comparing said risks/benefits with anecdotal experiences, which I find reddit oddly useful for. Illegal means nothing, alcohol is the fourth most harmful drug period behind coke, heroin and meth, but it's legal because it's ingrained in society, meanwhile the least harmful drugs (cough, psychs) are a felony to possess. Various outright illegal drugs plus nootropics (modafinil being a very mild one) helped me FAR more than prescription medication could hope to, and I in no way am saying prescription medication is a scam or harmful or whatever, but I've done hundreds of hours of research and meds have their places, illicit substances have their places etc., generalizing is for morons.

Doctors also know NOTHING about non prescription medication or supplements and even then they pick favorites fast and tend to ignore everything else going on in the medical world. Anecdotally I've had some doctors admit my pharmacological knowledge was beyond theirs, others would start arguments out of stubbornness but never really say anything but "m-muh literature." Hell my dad is a doctor who deals with mental health and finds these practices abhorrent

My autistic rant aside, yes modafinil is very useful for these reasons, if you really want to take this further (in a safe manner) combine it with some piracetam + CDP choline
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